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I was just sore in my pelvis, my gait was restricted, and I was sore the next day

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If the psoriasis spreads or is present on other parts of the body, a doctor may choose to include pills or injections as part of the medication regimen.

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The estrogen-balancing plant Medicago sativa (Alfalfa; that’s right — sprouts) may help, whereas Discorea villosa (Wild Mexican Yam) will help balance and increase progesterone

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The community pharmacists say they oppose giving Part D plans the “unilateral authority to suspend payment” because doing so could limit patient access to needed medications

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It is true that we study in great detail the life cycle of mosquitoes and are applying greater attention to environmental changes

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Location in california: it happened, here mapping services for this year

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Never had any which look like a small white aspirin.

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Not gonna lie, October was a rough month for me, a lot of stress and lack of sleep

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manufacturers to provide physicians with articles from scientific journals and textbooks about new uses

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Submissions that do not follow these guidelines (or that are in poor taste) will not be considered.

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