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"Yesterday, the Massachusetts board of pharmacies issued an alert to all compounding pharmacies to reinforce with them the rules they must abide by in Massachusetts," she added

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The ignorance and cruelty of the government should dumbfound me but I’m not stupid–I understand enough about pharmaceutical lobbying, egos and greed to know what’s going on

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At this time, the pH, temperature, and specific gravity of the urine are measured using indicator strips on the sample container

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sex Schuld an der Lage in griechenland sind also nicht die dort grassierende Korruption, die Verschwendungssucht

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Although the acquisition makes sense for UnitedHealth’s membership, it will be interesting to observe any changes to Catamaran’s relationship with Cigna

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A limited number of designated parking spaces are available for students using services at the SHWC

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at the independent Centre for Liberal Studies. May cause dizziness, drowsiness, impaired coordination,

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Cancer prevention is the holy grail of oncology research, and specialists are delighted that they have not one but two drugs that can actually keep breast cancer at bay